Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a daunting task. DRESS COME TRUE shares five top tips for choosing your dream wedding dress without the stress.

Tip 1

Look for inspiration online – finding your dream dress is a journey, and you should start this exciting ride by doing your research. The internet is bursting with bridal inspiration for you to take advantage of – you might already have an idea of the dress you are looking for, but you could be swayed seeing a beautiful style on another bride.


Tip 2

Decide what you don’t like – similar to already knowing what you are looking for, knowing want you don’t want will also help with the process of elimination. Some styles aren’t for everyone and if you already know what doesn’t suit your body you are already a step closer to finding your dream wedding dress – DRESS COME TRUE allows buyers to filter dresses by silhouette, size, price, location and designer so you are only presented with options that are within your price range and designs that suit your style with the added benefit of any no-go’s already being removed from the equation.


Tip 3

Try different silhouettes – you may not know exactly which style or silhouette will suit your body shape best… you may think you want a Ball Gown, but you actually look best in an A-line silhouette. It’s so important to dress for your body type, especially on your big day as the last thing you want is a dress that drowns your figure or looks unflattering in pictures that stay with you forever. Read our blog about dress silhouettes.


Tip 4

Keep Calm & Carry On – the process of finding a wedding dress can seem overwhelming at times, but you have to remember to not let the idea of the dress become bigger than the actual reason you are buying it – your wedding day should be a beautiful occasion that you can look back on with fond memories, not have them clouded by horrifying flashbacks of stress-induced breakdowns and sleepless nights. Trust in the process, know that if you keep calm and carry on you will find your dream dress and it will be a magical moment without any need for tears or tragedies.


Tip 5

Go with your gut this might sound slightly unsavoury, but what it means is we all value certain people’s opinions – whether that’s your mother, your best friend or someone close to you, but when it comes down to the dress too many opinions can become overwhelming. The saying is true ‘when you know, you know’ and you have to listen to your instincts – when you put on the right dress you will know, so don’t let others opinions sway you from a decision that needs to be yours.