The guide below provides advice on how to sell your items through our website.

Please note that this guide is for information only and is not intended to be part of our legal Terms and Conditions including Seller Agreement.


Sell safely and avoid becoming a victim of fraud

Please be aware that wedding dresses, wedding accessories and evening gowns are high value items that have the potential to attract scammers. Like for any other online transaction you do, exercise common sense and be vigilant at all times.


The Don’ts

  • Never hand out your personal bank account details – it can be used to defraud you.
  • Never click on a link in an email sent to you by a potential buyer; scammers often use such links when phishing for banking details that can be used to defraud you.
  • Never send any money to a buyer or third party in order to release funds owed to you or to release a transaction currently on hold.
  • Be suspicious of offers of overpayment, especially inflated fees to cover courier, customs or other similar costs. Overpayment can be used by criminals as a means to launder money.
  • Never accept payments in installments.
  • Never accept payment through any bearer or cheque, including blank cheques.
  • Never pay a shipping agent claiming to act on behalf of the buyer.


The Do’s

  • Like for every other online transaction, if something seems too good to be true, leave it alone.
  • Be vigilant and never release your personal bank account details to avoid being a victim of fraud.
  • Stay safe if you are meeting the buyer face to face. Always ensure you have someone with you to ensure your safety.
  • Exchange information about the dress.
  • Use one of our recommended payment methods:
    • Collect money in cash
    • Use our secure third-party payment gateway partner.
    • Use a third-party secure payment provider for the transaction e.g. your personal PayPal account.
  • Release the dress only when the funds have been received by the secure payment gateway (yours or the site’s secured payment gateway), or if you receive cash in person.
  • Always ship the dress yourself – Buyers located overseas claiming to use shipping agents are usually scams. Never pay a shipping agent claiming to be hired by the buyer.