Hitched on the sunny shores of Dubai.
We are Eva & Andy, a Lebanese Swiss couple who call UAE home.
The beautiful wedding dress we so cherished was never to be worn again.
We tried to sell it but were not happy with the available options.
Dress Come True is inspired by our own experience trying to sell our dress.
Brides we figured, are in the same situation,
looking for their dream dress or have already worn it.
Many glamorous dresses locked in closets.
By solving our own problem we wanted to solve theirs as well.
As for the name, many brides kept referring
to finding their dress as a ‘Dream Come True’, hence Dress Come True.
Dress Come True connects brides selling their wedding dress &
brides-to-be looking for their dream dress in a safe & secure environment.
We hope to be part of your fairytale, one Dress Come True at a time.