Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on big gatherings, couples who planned their wedding for 2020 have been affected. We have seen many couples opting to go ahead and start their life together by organizing a micro-wedding rather than postponing their wedding.

A micro-wedding is an intimate affair, typically starting at five guests and with no more than fifty guests. This means immediate family and super-close friends only.

Basically, think of micro-weddings as the wedding of your dreams with just a tinier guest list. They still feature time-honored traditions that make a wedding but on a much smaller scale.

A micro-wedding by definition also implies some considerations regarding the dress. It goes without saying that a lavish ball gown with a long train and four-meter veil might be overwhelming for this kind of an affair.

Here are some considerations when choosing a wedding dress for a micro-wedding:


1.         Do Dress Up!

Big or small Party, your wedding day is so special and will be a cherished memory for the rest of your life! You do deserve to glam up in a special gown that you will remember for the rest of your life.


2.         Fever Invitees – More for the Dress

The fewer people you invite the less of everything you need which also means that you have more to spend on your wedding dress. If you have always dreamt of wearing a designer gown, this might be your chance.


3.         Opt for a Simpler Silhouette

An intimate affair requires a simpler silhouette as a ball gown might look too big compared to the party size. Perhaps more fitted silhouettes like Mermaid, Fit & Flare or Sheath could be more appropriate. Consider smaller trains in order not to overwhelm your gown. As for fabrics, romantic flowy materials instead of structured rigid ones might be more suitable; think lace romantic flowy fabrics instead of heavily embellished sparkly ones. Read our guide Spotlight on Wedding Dress Silhouettes We Love.


4.         Go Funky

This is the time to think outside the box as standard expectations do not apply to this kind of wedding. Think bridal jumpsuit, short wedding dress or a funky colored gown. It is your party and you get to set the rules.


5.         Let the Full Bridal Look Come Together

If you have chosen a simple silhouette, you can dial the glam up a notch by completing your bridal look with a sparkly headpiece or statement earrings or even a pop of colored shoes.

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