Now that your wedding day is behind you and you shined in your wedding dress; it is time to decide what you are going to do with it. Selling your preloved dress is a way to recuperate part of its value and free space in your closet while making a bride-to-be happy😊.

If you chose to wear this dress, chances are there is a bride-to-be out there dreaming to wear the same dress! On Dress Come True we support you in selling your wedding dress and pass on the love. Read on for our 5 tips to sell your dress.

And by the way, to best preserve your dress it makes sense to dry clean it as soon as possible after the wedding. Read our blog on this topic.




1 – Use Engaging Photos

Buyers are most attracted by good photos of your wedding dress. Only then they are likely to check the dress in detail and contact you. Ideally use photos from your own wedding showcasing the dress in all its glory! No bride-to-be wants to buy a dress displayed on a hanger or laid on the bed. Do not use filters to change the color of the dress or to hide any part of it. Try to provide photos that showcase different angles of the dress, full frontal if possible, a back or side view and a close-up of the details would be great! Read our photo guide for more information.


2 – Write an Amazing Description

Use the ‘ABOUT THIS DRESS COME TRUE’ section to describe both important information about the dress and mostly to describe your emotions, what made you choose this particular dress, how did you know it was the ‘one’. How did you feel wearing it? What compliments you received…This will help future brides imagine how they will feel wearing the dress. It’s like a charm bracelet being passed on. If you choose our Concierge Service to sell your dress we will write the description for you.


3 – Be Honest

Describe the exact condition of the dress, i.e does it have any stains, flaws or tears, is it dry cleaned, has it been altered and where exactly? There is no point in hiding any information, the buyer most likely will ask to try the dress and being honest avoids surprises for her and avoids wasting anybody’s time. Most importantly, the bride to be deserves to wear her dream wedding dress as she expects it.


4 – Set a Reasonable Asking Price

A wedding dress loses of its value just by leaving the store even if it has never been worn. Bridal trends change with time and new designers emerge and become trendier. Ideally, you want to list your dress for sale as soon as you can after your wedding as the dress is still on trend and could generate high demand. Dresses on Dress Come True are listed anywhere between 20% to 80% of their retail value depending on their designer brand, year model, popularity of the silhouette and how eager the seller is to conclude a sale.

Remember, buyers have options and we want to encourage them to purchase the dress at a price you are both happy with.


5 – Transact Safely

Wedding dresses are high value items that have the potential to attract scammers. Like for any other online transaction, exercise common sense and be vigilant at all times.

Use one of our recommended payment methods to get paid for your wedding dress:

  • Collect money in cash
  • Use the secure payment option provided by Dress come True. Contact us for more details.
  • Use a third-party secure payment provider for the transaction e.g. your personal PayPal account.

Never hand out your bank account details, release any funds or accept cheques.

Please read our SELLING SAFELY GUIDE for more information.

We hope these tips will help you sell your preloved wedding dress faster.