A wedding dress can be exposed to a lot on the wedding day – starting with makeup, food, outdoor photoshoots, someone stepping on your train, and ending with a night of dancing.


Whether you intend to keep your wedding dress and store it or sell it on, the first step in the proper care of your wedding gown after your special day is to have it professionally cleaned.


In an interview with Babak Moghadam, operations manager of Champions Cleaners, DRESS COME TRUE asks some questions so you can make an informed decision when it comes to cleaning your gown.


When Should the Wedding Dress Be Cleaned?

As soon as possible after the big day – the sooner you clean your wedding dress, the higher likelihood that it will be fully cleaned, with all the stains removed.


Can All Stains Be Removed?

Most stains can be removed but some stains are resilient—especially wine and curry stains.


What About Wet Cleaning?

Some wedding dresses will be dry cleaned, others wet cleaned, and some others will only be spot cleaned – i.e. cleaning specific areas of the dress. It all depends on the fabric and the care label instructions. If there is no care label like many custom-made dresses, we will make an assessment based on the fabric itself and communicate accordingly with the bride before taking any measures.


Can All Fabrics Be Cleaned?

Almost all fabrics can be cleaned, but there are some rare occasions that we have to say no to a very few.


Is Each Wedding Dress Cleaned Separately?

Yes, each wedding gown will be treated and cleaned individually according to the instructions on the care label. In addition to thorough assessment of the garment prior to cleaning.


What About Accidental Damage to the Wedding Dress?

This is a very rare event and in this case the customer is eligible for compensation up to 10 times the value of the cleaning service.


Many Wedding Dresses Have Sequins and Beads — Could These Fall off During the Cleaning Process?

It depends whether the beads/sequins are stitched or glued to the wedding dress. The glued sequins and beads have a higher probability of falling but accordingly, we inform the bride before taking any measures. We take every precaution to protect the delicate parts of each and every gown.


What Is the Average Cost of Dry Cleaning a Wedding Gown?

The average cost of a wedding dress clean is around AED 700 for normal packing. Extra charge will apply for Museum presentation method and heritage box.