Spotlight on Modest Wedding Dresses

What exactly is a “modest” wedding dress?


A modest wedding dress is worn by a bride who dresses modestly in her everyday life and follows the hijabi dress code. Generally loosely fitted outfits, high necks, low hemlines, and covered arms without any transparency.

When is a Modest Wedding Dress Worn?


Modest brides tend to wear a modest wedding dress only for mixed weddings (where both men and women attend the same ceremony) as opposed to separate ceremonies where there are two different parties, one for women and one for men.  


How Easy is it to find a Modest Wedding Dress?


Dressing up for special occasions could represent a challenge for a modest fashionista as most special occasion dresses show some skin. The same challenge arises for brides who want to look their best on their wedding day while remaining modest. A modest wedding dress ideally follows the same dress code, high neckline, covered arms, low hemlines and no illusion/transparency effects.  


Most wedding dress labels do not necessarily cater to modest brides although the trend is gradually improving; modest brides usually select non-modest wedding gowns and then tailor it to modest gowns by either adding an inner thick lining to cover the cleavage and arms area.


One popular way of doing this is to include a detachable bolero that can be worn over the gown, removing the need for any extensive alterations. Some dresses are tailor-made from the start as modest dresses. 


Modest Wedding Dresses on Dress Come True


On Dress Come True, we have mainstream brands gowns altered to become modest or modest wedding dresses originating from Turkey or Egypt as both markets have a wider selection of modest wedding dresses than other regions such as Gulf, Levant, or Europe.


Modest Wedding Dresses Remain a Niche


Although increasing in popularity, modest wedding dresses remain a niche. There is a regional variation, however. For example, almost one quarter of dresses originating in Egypt are modest compared to a much lower percentage the Gulf.