Dress Come True Shopping Agreement

Use of Website

By interacting with sellers and buying items through this website you agree to:

  • Treat all sellers with respect and use appropriate language for any communication done via our website, in compliance with local laws, ethics and etiquette.
  • Not send any spam or commercial advertising of any kind.
  • Pay for all items ordered through our website in one payment.
  • Request an airway bill once items are shipped to track your order.
  • Pay for any shipping costs and insurance.
  • Pay any customs duties and related taxes.


Please note that any refusal to make payments in accordance with this Shopping Agreement may result in losing the dress/item and the payment.

Payment Options

You have the right to request payment via our secure 3rd party payment gateway PayTabs in addition to other payment options. We partner with PayTabs, a leading regional payment gateway that operates across the Middle East & beyond. If you chose to pay this way, you will send funds through a secure payment gateway. We will receive the funds then transfer the funds to the seller’s bank account once the dress is shipped to you.

How payment through PayTabs works, step by step:

  • You and the seller agree on the selling price including shipment, import duties and tax as well as insurance (if applies).
  • Seller will share with us your details and the payment amount, based on which we will send you an invoice.
  • You will pay the amount through PayTabs using your credit or debit card.
  • When we receive the amount we will notify the seller and ask her to ship the dress/item and share with you the airway bill of the shipment to enable tracking.
  • When dress/item arrives you have to notify us so we can pay the seller.
  • If the dress/item arrives not as described (any damage not previously disclosed), immediately raise a dispute with seller, if you are not able to resolve the issue directly with seller, open a dispute at the dispute center of PayTabs. (subject to payment using PayTabs). You have no right to raise a dispute if you change your mind or don’t like the dress. In this case you can always resell it on Dress Come True.
  • You will accept the resolution of the dispute center as final.


Returns and Disputes

  • Unless otherwise agreed with the seller, there are no returns for pre-loved (used), sample or new items.
  • Any dispute arising from you transacting directly with the seller either face-to-face or via any other payment or transfer method outside our secure 3rd party payment gateway will have to be resolved by you, without our involvement.



Acknowledge that at any future date Dress Come True may charge VAT where legally required and where applicable in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates.