Dress Come True Seller Agreement

Use of Website

By listing items for sale on this website you agree to:

  • Treat all buyers with respect and use appropriate language for any communication done via our website, in compliance with local laws, ethics and etiquette.
  • Not to send any spam or commercial advertising of any kind.
  • Be solely responsible for the accuracy of the information provided, representing the true condition of the items to be sold by you (including any flaws) and agree to be liable for any third-party claims arising from your listing and the images posted by you, including any copyright or other intellectual property infringement claims.
  • Include only one single item for sale in each listing. Listings may not contain offers to purchase other items offsite, refer to other items for sale, or direct users to another website.
  • Give Dress Come True the license to use the content you upload, without charge, liability or additional compensation.
  • Consent to your listing remaining active on the website until the item is sold or removed by you.
  • Be solely responsible for managing your sale. We have no involvement or liability within the item transaction (except in relation to our Concierge Services).
  • Notify us when your dress or item is sold at hello@dresscometrue.com within seven days.
  • Consent to us reserving the right to request information or images to verify the legitimacy of a listing posted by you on our website.
  • Consent to us reserving the right to cancel your listing and/or user account should it be determined to be fraudulent, inaccurate, misrepresented, in violation of our listing terms or for any other viable reason. No refunds will be given in these situations.
  • Consent to not listing your dress/item on any other online marketplace/portal.


Payment Options

You agree to offer buyers a secure payment method via our secure third-party payment gateway PayTabs in addition to other payment options. PayTabs is a leading regional payment gateway that operates across the Middle East & beyond. If you chose to get paid this way, the buyer is obliged to send funds through PayTabs. We will receive the funds and then securely transfer them to your bank account. This is an additional service to secure your payment for which we will charge 5% of the selling price or a minimum of AED 50 (whatever amount is higher). This in addition to any PayTabs fees (Interchange Fee of 2.8% & Per Transaction Fee of  AED 1)

This is how payment through PayTabs works, step by step:

  • You and the buyer agree on the selling price including shipment, import duties and tax as well as insurance (if applies). Please note that the purchase price for all items must be agreed between you and the buyer without any involvement from Dress Come True.
  • Write to hello@dresscometrue.com and share the buyer’s details, your bank details, the dress/item details and the payment amount, based on which we will send the buyer an invoice.
  • Buyer will pay the amount through PayTabs using her credit or debit card.
  • When we receive the amount we will notify you and ask you to ship the dress/item and share the airway bill of the shipment with the buyer to enable tracking.
  • When the dress/item is received by the buyer she will notify us and we will send the money to your bank account. Please note that you authorize us to debit from the selling price of the dress/item a 5% commission as a handling fee or a minimum of AED 50 (whichever amount is higher), in addition to any PayTabs fees (Interchange Fee of 2.8% & Per Transaction Fee of  AED 1)
  • If the dress/item arrives not as described (any damage not previously disclosed), the buyer must immediately raise a dispute with you. In case you are not able to resolve the issue directly with the buyer, she can open a dispute at the dispute center of PayTabs. (subject to payment using PayTabs). The buyer has no right to raise a dispute if she changes her mind about the dress/item or doesn’t like it.
  • You will accept the resolution of the dispute center as final.


Returns and Disputes

  • Unless otherwise agreed with the buyer, there are no returns for pre-loved (used), sample or new items.
  • No refunds being given (for listing fee) once a listing has been posted or listing credit purchased.
  • In case of a dispute resulting from a sale/transaction conducted face-to-face or via any other payment or transfer method outside our secure third-party payment gateway you will resolve issues with the buyer directly, without our involvement.



Acknowledge that at any future date Dress Come True may charge VAT where legally required and where applicable in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates.