Size: S

Label Size: UK 10, US 6

AED4,500USD 1,224


Dress Model: Istanbul
Retail Price: AED 9000
City: Sharjah
Country: United Arab Emirates
Year Made: 2020
Color: Ivory
Height of Bride in cm: 165
Street Size: S
Shipping: Ships internationally
Seller Name: Gheed


Condition: Pre-loved
Alterations: No
Flaws: None
Dry Cleaned: Yes

Radiant glittering ivory Dovita Milano ‘Istanbul’ Ballgown with off the shoulders neckline and intricate glitter detailing. Size UK 10, US 6, Small 👰❤️😊


“I had been looking for THE dress for a long while. From the moment I slipped into this enchanting ‘Istanbul’ gown by Dovita Milano, I felt like I was living in a sparkly dream. The off-shoulder neckline was a work of art, accentuating my grace and charm without needing any additional adornments. As I walked, the gown’s glittering sequins caught the light, casting a celestial radiance that made me feel like the center of the shimmering universe. The corset hugged me in all the right places, giving me the confidence to move with grace and joy. Every step was a reminder of the beauty and love that surrounded me on my special day. The softness of the lining against my skin, the effortless length that allowed me to glide without hesitation, and the regal train that followed in my wake – every detail contributed to making me feel like a true bride. Now, as this gown seeks its new chapter, I hope it brings the same magic to another brilliant bride, making her journey as unforgettable as mine.”❤️❤️❤️



Discover a gown that transforms dreams into reality. Introducing the exquisite Istanbul gown by Dovita Milano, a masterpiece that will make you shine brighter than the stars on your special day.

Captivating Features:

🌟 Off-Shoulder Elegance: The Istanbul gown boasts an off-shoulder neckline that is a true work of art, adorning you with elegance that needs no necklace to complete its allure.

🌌 Celestial Sparkle: As light caresses the gown’s intricate glitter detailing, you’ll twinkle like the cosmos itself. Capturing the magic in photos is a challenge; you must witness its brilliance in person.

🌷 Flawless Fit and Comfort: Impeccably tailored, the corset accentuates your waist while allowing comfortable movement. Dance, breathe, and celebrate without limitations.

Added Benefits:

Bust Enhancement: Designed to enhance a smaller bust (I’m a 34A), the gown creates alluring curves without the need for a pushup bra.

🌹 Luxurious Comfort: The gown’s lining, soft and gentle against the skin, ensures a day of blissful comfort.

🚶‍♀️ Effortless Movement

Perfect for graceful walking, the gown’s front length is complemented by a regal-length train that clips up at the back (suitable for heights up to 175cm with heels).

Complementary Veil: Elevate your ensemble with a matching veil adorned with the same sparkling fabric, enhancing your radiant charm.

Condition and Care:

🌼 Flawlessly Maintained: Impeccably cared for, the gown displays no signs of wear or imperfections.

🧼 Professionally Cleaned: Professionally dry cleaned to ensure its pristine condition.