How to Choose your Wedding Hairstyle?


As you start preparing for your wedding, you’ll soon realize that in addition to choosing your wedding dress, your wedding hair’do plays a big role in determining your overall bridal look. Should you wear your hair up or down and which accessories to choose?

You might have browsed online for some inspiration and feel overwhelmed already. Read on to discover the latest trends and how to match your hairstyle with your wedding dress.

We spoke to the expert, Mohamed Ferry, Branch Manager of the DAMAC Distinction branch of Amro Salon (@hairstyle_mh). Mohamed has extensive experience in bridal hair styling over many years at Amro Ladies Salon, a leading salon with multiple branches across the UAE and a huge loyal following.

What are the latest trends in bridal hair?

The biggest change we have seen recently is that stiff hair is out of fashion; most brides nowadays prefer open hair. Big open hair with beach waves is the most en vogue. We always use hair extensions for the bride to give a fuller volume and sometimes to add length.

Of course, we still do lots of loose hair updos. Braids were in high demand last year but less so in 2019.

For accessories, bridal flowers are the most requested.


How do you advise the bride on picking the right wedding hairstyle?

We take few things into consideration; what style best suits the face of the bride, the shape, the fullness as well as the profile, especially for updos. For example, for round faces, a high updo looks really nice.

We always ask for photos of the dress to see its style so that we can match the hair. The location of the ceremony is also important as to understand the condition the hair will be in. It could be windy or humid for outdoor weddings, so we prepare the hair accordingly.

Many brides come to us with a style in mind that they have seen on a celebrity or a fashion blogger for inspiration.


What can you tell us about the use of veils and hair accessories?

The absolute majority of our brides choose to wear a veil with or without a hair accessory to complement their wedding dress. There is a variety of accessories such as tiaras, combs, pins or flowers.

Many brides will wear the veil for two hours, then remove it to have a different look during the wedding and to ensure they can move and dance freely. We prepare the hair with that in mind, ensuring it looks great both ways and we teach the bride and her bridal party how to easily remove the veil. Hence the use of an accessory with the veil ensures the hair looks bridal and suitable for the day after the veil is removed.

When should the bride color her hair?

Hair coloring should be done five days prior the wedding. My personal advice for weddings is to always go one shade lighter than usual.


Can you please advise which hairstyle suits the following necklines?

Queen Ann: We usually recommend a loose hair updo to showcase the neckline and back of the dress.

Asymmetric neckline: We style the hair in a side swept way in the opposite direction of the strap using bridal pins, flowers or accessories.

Jewel, Boat or Halter Necklines: For high wedding dress necklines we recommend an open hair or loose hair updo.

Off shoulder, strapless necklines: We recommend an open wavy hair or high updo that looks really nice for these open necklines.



What’s your final recommendation for our brides?

Think of your photo collection. If you have a big engagement party with a photoshoot, consider a different hairstyle to add to your photo collection.

No matter what you choose, be true to your style and personality! This is your day and you should feel at your best, your most beautiful and very comfortable.