Photo Guide

Great photos sell your dress or accessory faster! Follow our tips for a great listing & sell faster!

What to Include

  • Front photo highlighting full silhouette / shape of accessory
  • Back or side photo
  • Close up of details or imperfections

Ideal Photo Size

Submit at least 3 to 4 high resolution photos. Ideally 420px wide and 500px high. For accessories submit up to two photos.

Photo Do’s

  • Upload longitudinal/portrait photo rather than landscape.
  • Crop whatever is irrelevant.
  • If you wish to remain anonymous, crop your face.
  • Use photos with simple background.
  • Show the true colors and condition of the dress/accessory.
  • Show the true dimensions from two angles.
  • Use your own, original photos (no screenshots).
  • Ideally, model your dress.

Photo Dont’s

  • Don’t use catalogue images.
  • Don’t Upload wide/landscape photos.
  • Don’t use photos with watermarks, logos or weblinks or screenshots.
  • Don’t submit collage photo.
  • Don’t use filters to disguise dress color or condition.
  • Don’t submit receipts.
  • Don’t hide face with a form, black bar, image or pixelation*
    *(Let us help you crop your photo If you wish to remain anonymous)

We reserve the right not to list photos submitted if they do not meet our standards. Thanks for your understanding.